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Psychs & The City - Mental Health Podcast featuring Dr. Jeff Ditzell


Psychs & The City!

Welcome to Psychs & The City! The brand new Podcast brought to you by Dr. Jeff Ditzell with Jeff Ditzell Psychiatry Throughout the series Dr. Jeff Ditzell and his team will be breaking down all aspects of Mental Health and providing you with coping mechanisms on how to be the best version of you!

Psychs & The CIty

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Meet our host

Dr. Jeff Ditzell, D.O.


Dr. Jeff Ditzell is not your average psychiatrist. He is getting people off the couch and making them want to "get psyched" about mental health. He takes a different approach to psychiatry and being one of the first people to offer telepsychiatry as an option back in 2018. He owns his very own psychiatry practice in the heart of the financial district in New York City, Dr. Ditzell Psychiatry, and has become more of a social media influencer reaching people all over the world with his inspiring work.

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