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Jeff is the man. No sugar coated back rubs. Just realness all around to get my head back in the game. I’d Recommend Dr. D to outgoing performance driven folk all the way hitting the other side of the spectrum - to the introverted Dungeons & Dragons player.. Namaste.
Montana m.

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There is nothing better than receiving a daily dose of positivity in the morning, for FREE! That is why our office provides you with a daily message to kick start your day the right way!

Mental health podcast

Want to hear more about the top mental health issues? Join hosts Dr. Jeff Ditzell and Taylor James each week as they break the stigma on mental health while talking about major issues around mental health, tips and tricks, and even talking with other top professionals in the mental health space.

Mental health blog

A great free resource for anyone looking to learn more about some of the mental health services offered at the practice can be found in the blog. Whether you are looking to learn about Ketamine Infusion Therapy, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and more can all be found right in the blog. 

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Ketamine Treatments

Ketamine Infusion Therapy is a service offered for treatment-resistent depression. Dr. Ditzell offers Ketamine treatments like never seen before in New York City.


Talking helps. Speak with one of our trained therapists today dealing with issues like: anxiety, depression, PTSD.

Medication Management

Have you ever had a physician review your medications to see if you are on the right track and getting the right results with the proper doses? Check out medication management today.


Sometimes all you need is someone to help you get you to where you want to be: Speak with one of our Life Optimization Coaches today.

Couples Therapy

Having relationship issues? Couples therapy can help! One of our therapists can get to the bottom of major issues in your relationship and help today!


Looking to get seen virtually? No problem! Dr. Ditzell has been doing virtual psychiatry visits before it was cool. Schedule a NYC telepsychiatry appointment with Ney Yorks top psychiatrist.

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