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Ketamine is a top depression treatment, anxiety treatment, can help with OCD, PTSD, chronic pain, and substance abuse.



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“ It’s as if there were a veil over me and the veil was lifted. Before I started to get ketamine I could barely get out of bed. Now I can walk my walk and re-engage in life.”

Ketamine Treatments: Anesthetic, party drug, horse tranquilizer, and now a treatment for depression? Psychedelic Therapy is on the rise across America so it is time to learn more about Ketamine Infusion Therapy that is helping people with PTSD, Substance Abuse, Cancer Pain, Depression & more.

Ketamine Treatments

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What is ketamine treatment?

Ketamine is a schedule 3 dissociative anesthetic, which has shown promising antidepressant effects that are both rapid and robust. It has been safely used for years as the ideal anesthetic in hospitals and medical settings, as it works without suppressing the respiratory function. At lower doses, it can cause an altered perception of sight and sound, pain relief, and dissociative states, similar to an out of body experience. When used under medical supervision, studies have shown ketamine infusions to have significant effects in healing treatment-resistant depression.

The difference between Ketamine Therapy at Dr. Ditzell Psychiatry unlike all of these “Ketamine Clinics” that are popping up around New York City is that Dr. Ditzell not only wants to make sure that you are receiving your Ketamine Therapy in a soothing environment, but he also wants to make sure that you are a right fit for Ketamine Treatment and that this treatment is aligned with your treatment plan to get you where your future self wants you to be.

In our financial district office in the heart of Manhattan, we have our “Ketamine Lounge” where you get to relax in our zero gravity chair in a soothing environment. Cool tones, soft tunes, and just relax while you get the mental health treatment that you need by the best psychiatrist in New York City.

How our Ketamine Treatments are Different Than “Ketamine Clinics”

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• Ease symptoms of depression
• Ease symptoms of PTSD
• Ease symptoms of Bipolar Disorder
• Works different than SSRI's
• Chronic Pain Management
• Rapid Results

There are many reasons people do not seek treatment for their symptoms, ranging from their denial of a problem to guilt and shame to not knowing how/when to seek help. Many times a person will put themselves in treatment when they accept they have an issue and are ready to get help, but often times it happens through family and friends intervening. If you are concerned for yourself or someone you know, it is ok to reach out for help.

Benefits of ketamine infusion therapy

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Because Ketamine Infusion Therapy is a relatively new modality in the treatment of depression, there are no standard protocols sanctioned by the Department of Health. At Dr. Ditzell Psychiatry we want to offer this cutting edge treatment to our patients, however, we want to make sure we know what we are doing and are highly skilled in the practice. That being said, Dr. Ditzell went to intensive training with one of the top Anesthesiologists at the Ketamine Institute. He was trained in using ketamine to treat our patients with the proper dosing and scheduling and to feel comfortable and competent in using this treatment modality.

By adding cutting edge ketamine infusion treatments with psychotherapy for treatment resistant depression our patients have seen rapid results. The coaching involved with the psychotherapy/ketamine treatment allows you to take control and turn your stressed life into your best life.


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Your first step is to call us to schedule your initial appointment.

Your initial evaluation session provides an opportunity for you to build rapport with the psychiatrist/therapist and provide them with some background about yourself and the reasons you are seeking Ketamine Infusion Therapy. In addition to seeing if you will be a good candidate for Ketamine Infusion Therapy, they will be able to answer your questions regarding services, confidentiality, and what to expect in treatment. With your best interests in mind, you will decide together what kind of treatment will benefit you the most.

At the end of your first session, if you decide to move forward and work with that psychiatrist, you will be asked to schedule further appointments. At your second appointment, you will work with your therapist to set goals for your overall mental health experience and then begin working together towards achieving them.

OUR Ketamine treatment PROCESS

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PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Treatment-Resistant Depression, and Addiction.

Ketamine’s potential as an antidepressant was recognized more than a decade ago. Ketamine Infusion Therapy works differently than commonly used antidepressants such as Prozac, Zoloft, and Effexor, which may explain why people who aren’t helped by standard treatments respond to ketamine when other medications don’t help. Ketamine treatment is an outpatient procedure requiring no hospital admission. Ketamine is also being used to treat neuropathic pain and the symptoms of PTSD. Ketamine has been used in hospitals for the past five decades and has a proven record of safety. The small doses and methods of administration used to treat psychiatric patients differ greatly from those used in hospitals.

What Are ketamine treatments used for?

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The difference between Ketamine and other antidepressants when it comes to Ketamine treatment for depression is that has the ability to go to work right away, unlike most antidepressants, which take weeks, sometimes months, to provide relief.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy is an IV procedure performed in office by Dr. Ditzell. You come into a soothing relaxing environment with our zero gravity chair and soothing music, once you are comfortable Dr. Ditzell will perform the injection. Unlike an injection such as a flu shot, the stick of the IV needle can barely be felt because it will not hit muscle, so there is virtually zero pain involved even for people who are sensitive to needles.

Dr. Ditzell will monitor your response during the infusion and you won’t lose consciousness or awareness of your surroundings, as the ketamine dose and rate used for infusions is only a small fraction of what is used in surgery. Also during this process, we combine ketamine treatments with a psychotherapy session so that you get the most time out of a visit with Dr. Ditzell.

Helping you with a wellness plan and gearing you up to help you to form a purpose-driven pursuit toward your goals and aspirations to make your life better. Please contact our office to discuss Ketamine Infusion Therapy, and to see if it is right for you.


Call +1 646 751 7908 and speak to any of our office staff to learn more or schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Look below to see the answer to questions you might have about ketamine!

what is ketamine treatment?

Ketamine treatment is a medical intervention that uses the drug ketamine to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. It is administered under medical supervision and is typically used as a last resort for individuals who have not responded to other forms of treatment.

How does ketamine work?

Ketamine works by temporarily disrupting the connection between brain cells, leading to changes in perception, mood, and consciousness. These effects can help to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

Is ketamine treatment safe?

Ketamine treatment is considered safe when administered under the supervision of a trained medical professional. However, like any medication, there are potential side effects, including drowsiness, confusion, and hallucinations. It's important to talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of ketamine treatment.

What conditions can be treated with ketamine?

Ketamine is primarily used to treat depression and anxiety, but it may also be effective for other mental health conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

How long does ketamine treatment take?

Ketamine treatment typically involves a series of intravenous (IV) injections over the course of several weeks. Each treatment session typically lasts between 40 minutes to 1 hour.

How long do the effects of ketamine treatment last?

The effects of ketamine treatment may last for several weeks or months, but the length of time can vary from person to person. Some individuals may need follow-up treatments to maintain the benefits of ketamine therapy.

Is ketamine treatment covered by insurance?

Coverage for ketamine treatment varies by insurance provider and individual policy. It's best to check with your insurance company to determine your coverage for ketamine treatment.

What are the side effects of ketamine treatment?

Common side effects of ketamine treatment include drowsiness, confusion, and hallucinations. These side effects are generally mild and temporary. However, it's important to discuss any concerns with your doctor and report any serious side effects.

Can ketamine be abused?

Ketamine is a powerful and potentially addictive substance, and abuse can lead to serious health consequences. It's important to use ketamine only under the supervision of a trained medical professional and to follow their instructions closely.

Is ketamine treatment right for me?

Ketamine treatment may be right for you if you have not responded to other forms of treatment for depression, anxiety, or another mental health condition. It's important to talk to your doctor about your health history, symptoms, and treatment goals to determine if ketamine treatment is a good fit for you.

At Dr. Ditzell Psychiatry our patients have and always will be our number one priority; we take their health and well being very seriously and are pleased to be able to offer ketamine treatments in a manner like no other practice we’ve come across.

If you think you would be a good candidate for Ketamine Treatments, give us a call to set up a consultation at +1 646 751 7908

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