Ketamine Clinics vs Ketamine Treatments at Dr. Ditzell Psychiatry

Ketamine Clinics vs Ketamine Treatment at Jeff Ditzell Psychiatry Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic drug used to treat treatment resistant depression and other mental health disorders. It has been used for years on the clinical scene and has now become more of a mainstream method. So much so that you see a lot of “ketamine clinics” popping up all over the place. What is the difference between Ketamine Treatment at Jeff Ditzell Psychiatry in New York City and these ketamine pop-up shops you ask? Let’s discuss it!

What is Ketamine Infusion Treatment?

Ketamine is a schedule 3 dissociative anesthetic, which has shown promising antidepressant effects that are both rapid and robust. This type of medical treatment has been safely used for years as the ideal anesthetic in hospitals and medical settings, as it works without suppressing respiratory function. At lower doses, it can cause an altered perception of sight and sound, pain relief, and dissociative states, like an out-of-body experience. When used under medical supervision, studies have shown ketamine infusions to have significant effects in healing treatment-resistant depression.

How is Ketamine Treatment Different than Antidepressants for Depression

10-30% of people who try antidepressants fail to respond to their medication for depression. Those people are what is considered “treatment-resistant”. Ketamine Infusion Therapy, being a dissociative anesthetic, works differently than commonly used antidepressants such as Prozac, Zoloft, and Effexor, which may explain why people who have not seen results from standard treatments, actually get results from Ketamine Infusion Therapy.

Antidepressants target Serotonin and Dopamine which may take weeks to start seeing results, but Ketamine bypasses both Serotonin and Dopamine and targets the brain chemical glutamate, which quickly balancing your glutamate levels, allowing your mood to be boosted and your depression symptoms begin to subside rapidly.

Ketamine Clinics vs Psychiatry Practices that offer Ketamine

In a ketamine clinic you are put into a room, hooked up to an IV where you are then greeted by an anesthesiologist who then gives you your ketamine dose. You are then left alone while you finish your treatment and then are sent off on your way to continue your mental health journey with another mental health professional until your next dose. While the treatment does make you feel better, the experience is cold, and can sometimes make you feel as if you are just a number.

The Jeff Ditzell Psychiatry Ketamine Difference

At our Manhattan psychiatry office where we also offer ketamine treatments, we make sure that you are set up for success throughout your mental health journey from your first inquiry to becoming a patient. When you do come into the office you are greeted by Dr. Jeff Ditzell who was professionally trained by Dr. Grass at the Ketamine Institute in Florida, then brings you to our state-of-the-art Ketamine Lounge where you are then put at ease from the spa-like atmosphere.

Once your ketamine dose has been properly mixed, our psychiatrist then continues with other mental health treatments such as psychotherapy and life optimization coaching. Making sure that:

a)      The treatment is working

b)     You are on the right path to success

Of course, receiving rapid results for your depression treatment is our goal. We want you to turn your stressed life into your best life and having a therapy/coaching session at the time of receiving your ketamine treatment allows you to be relaxed and talk freely with a trained mental health professional. Making sure that no time is being wasted during your mental health journey! Getting to the roots about your depression, and steps you can take to start having simple wins, to start feeling better about yourself and end the pattern of just “getting by.”

The Negative Side of Ketamine Clinics

Ketamine clinics have been known to “turn and burn” patients, trying to see as many people as possible trying to earn a quick buck, and at Jeff Ditzell Psychiatry the process is the exact opposite. Our ketamine treatments are exclusive to our patients, and we make sure it is the right plan for you and have appropriate follow-up procedures in place. By keeping everything in house, it allows us to make sure you have the right plan for your mental health journey.

We know that mental health treatment is a journey, not a sprint. We know you want to get back to being your best self and are here to guide you along the way with our top of the line wellness team. From psychiatrists, therapists, nutritionists, and even personal trainers, we can connect you with the right team to start achieving your dreams!

Want to see if Ketamine treatment is right for you? Give us a call at 646-970-1895, send us an email, or set up your appointment here. We look forward to helping you with your mental health journey!

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