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 Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term care we have the best psychiatric team in New York City. Our office is located at 65 Broadway #901, New York City, NY 10006

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Listen to our podcast where Dr. Jeff Ditzell & Taylor James will be breaking down all aspects of Mental Health and providing you with coping mechanisms on how to be the best version of yourself!

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A great free resource for anyone looking to learn more about some of the mental health services offered at the practice can be found in the blog. Whether you are looking to learn about Ketamine Infusion Therapy, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and more can all be found right in the blog.

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so they say:

“Dr. Ditzell is a phenomenal psychiatrist. He is very easy to talk to and incredibly smart, yet he is very clear on treatment and explains the process/medication thoroughly. I can't speak highly enough of him on how excellent he is in helping me manage my condition. You simply cannot go wrong with him, he truly provides the best patient care, and is no nonsense.I'd also like to mention Savitri (Patient Care Coordinator) is an absolute pleasure to talk to as well. She is prompt, thorough, and very quick to answer questions you may have.” - GK

“Simple analogy - I thought I wan an old beat-up, out-of-gas Buick sedan ditching out on the side of the road. Turns out the more I session with Doctor Ditzell, I realize I'm not busted-up car at al, but more an electrified self-aware and empowered machine finding myself ready for all-terrain.” - COLLODIAN D.

"I have been seeing Dr. Ditzell for 7 years for a clear diagnosed issue. I told him from day one I need a disciplined psychiatrist who was not going to coddle me, provide me with direction, and have a plan. He is a no nonsense therapist who seeks solutions and does not find it to anyone's advantage to continue therapy just for the sake of pacifying a situation and dragging on. He is results oriented guy which is clear from his military training."

"I am very happy to have found Dr. Ditzell and have the chance to work with him!"

"Professional and patient-centered" -MISTY M.

"After only a few weeks of working with Dr. Ditzell I have experienced a great reduction in my anxiety levels. I am very happy with the care I have received and cannot recommend him highly enough!" - ANDREW M.

"Fantastic Doctor, great practice overall, attentive, available, genuine and caring - easily the best Doctor I have ever seen. Doctor Ditzell takes a results and goal-oriented approach and is not interested in wasting time discussing irrelevant issues." - UMESH P.

"I was having a very bad few days, I got a zoom appointment with Dr. Ditzell and he really helped me. He was the first doctor to say “I can help....let me help.” It meant so much. Right away, he put me at ease. Savitri, in the office, was also responsive and helpful. We are grateful for both Dr. Ditzell and Savitri’s help and care. Highest praise possible." - MIGUEL M.

"Finding a good psychiatrist is difficult. Not only is the brain ?? the most complex organ in the human body, it is also affected by a myriad of environmental stressors. Dr. Ditzell has your back on both ends: not only does he have a deep knowledge of neurochemistry, he is also an Iraq veteran who helped soldiers manage the stress of being on the war front; that’s the type of experience you want from a psychiatrist: someone who has kept people mentally stable in the midst of war. Finally, Dr. D is humble, friendly, and caring: not like those stuck-up doctors that treats you as though you were a lab rat. - ANONYMOUS

"I am so glad I booked Dr. Ditzell—he is kind, intelligent, organized, professional, and personable. I felt comfortable and at ease the entire time—mainly because he often explains why he asks certain things. No other Psychiatrist has done that for me before. Also, his support staff is life-changing! They always call/email to ensure the appointment/prescription fills go smoothly. After meeting with Dr. Ditzell and seeing how smoothly he and his office runs, I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Highly recommended."

"I actually messed up my appointment time, went in to see Dr. Ditzell a day early, and he was kind enough to see me nonetheless. Much appreciated!" - ANONYMOUS

"Everything was great. very professional."- ANONYMOUS

"Very spot on, professional and focused on solving the issues." - ANONYMOUS

"Dr. Ditzell was professional and understanding. He wants to help and make sure you are in good health all around." - ANONYMOUS

"Excellent experience -- professional and caring. As someone who works in the mental health field, I would highly recommend him." - ANONYMOUS

"Appointment on time. Very understanding and intuitive." - ANONYMOUS

"A really great doctor. I feel like he has helped me get on track and not just pushed meds on me like so many doctors have. He's knowledgable and I feel confident that he knows me." - ANONYMOUS

"It was impressive to get an appt the same day, let alone a Sun night! "Dr D" was attentive, helpful and sincerely cares." - ANONYMOUS

"Oustanding doctor. At first meeting, Dr. D immediately set me at ease. He is perceptive, incredibly knowledgeable and a pleasure to be around. Of all the (way too many) psychs I've had, he is the only one who has taken the time know me and give a truly comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan. The office has a lovely atmosphere, never a wait, never felt rushed. He promptly responds to emails/calls. I can't say enough. I highly recommend him." - ANONYMOUS

Quite knowledgeable, and thorough physician. Pleasant and inviting environment. Highly recommended." - ANONYMOUS

"Excellent and thorough physician. Listens and takes into consideration all concerns. Highly recommend - extremely efficient and truly cares about the patients plan of care. Eileen who works with Dr. Ditzell is extremely helpful and I could not ask for a better provider!"

"Great bedside manner and very thorough." - ANONYMOUS

"Great. Kind. Good listener. I felt reassured after our initial visit and walked out with a clear, feasible plan." - ANONYMOUS

"He is a professional all the way." - ANONYMOUS

"This was my first visit to Dr. D. and I must say I was blown away. I have worked with many doctors good and bad and I was just impressed so far by Dr. D.'s advanced knowledge in his field, his approach to wellbeing as a whole, not just blindly writing scripts. I got a sense that he really cared and stood for my health. Big advantage is that Dr. D. has a lovely Director of Patient Care Eileen who he delegates things like lab samples collecting or scheduling and paperwork minutiae allowing him to dedicate his time to his patients. Dr. D. also gave me his cell phone number as he does to every patient and assured me that he is absolutely always and easily reachable via call or txt be it in the middle of the night or a weekend. His practice performs certain lab work right on the spot and that too is quite impressive. Dr. D. was curious about possible various vitamin deficiencies and other factors that contribute to wellbeing, instead of choosing an easy fix with just pharmaceuticals. I have not yet received in quite many years such service as I did today with Dr. D. I left his office uplifted and really hopeful that I might have finally found a doctor who will improve my wellbeing beyond what other doctors provided me so far. And I have a good feeling that he very well might. Be aware of a strict 48 hours cancellation policy, but hey sticking to commitments to your own health and making it priority might be the best thing you'd do for yourself. Thank you Dr. D. and thanks Eileen! - ANONYMOUS

"I have been seeing Dr. D for just over a year now and he has been a positive influence in my life. I often apply his useful guidance and even find myself sharing his advice with family and friends. Unlike other therapists he doesn't merely listen and ask questions, but engages in animated conversations, gives constructive advice and suggests immediate steps to effect change. Dr. D has truly helped me understand myself better, grow my confidence, improve my relationships and gain better perspective in my life. Highly highly recommended." - SC

"Fantastic, accommodating. Very happy to of found Dr. D"- ANONYMOUS


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