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For individuals with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) it can feel amplified and overwhelming. Individuals dealing with undiagnosed ADHD often struggle at work, finding it hard to maintain organization and complete tasks.

adult adhd

Experiencing feelings of nervousness or worry is common and in fact important, given the proper circumstances. It is when these feelings become constant or overwhelming and impact your day-to-day life, that it’s time to see a professional for help.


Bipolar disorder is more than just fluctuations in mood; it impacts relationships, careers, and health. It’s important to recognize the signs that someone may be struggling with bipolar disorder and reach out for help.

bipolar disorders




Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can occur at any age, following an event that has had a negative impact on an individual. PTSD can develop immediately following the event, or years later.


In OCD, the obsessions or compulsions are time-consuming (take over 1 hour per day) or cause significant interruption in social or occupational areas of life. There are treatment options available!


Depression can decrease an individual’s ability to function in everyday life, including at home and at work, affecting the way you think, act, and feel making it the leading cause of disability in the United States.






Substance abuse and addictions are the most stigmatized and misunderstood illnesses in our society. It can be difficult to recognize the signs when a person first begins suffering with this illness, but helpful to get treatment early on.

addiction & substance abuse

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Our goal is to help our customers start living the life that they dreamed of, by taking control of their mental health. We are your support system and will assist you with whatever it takes on your mental health journey.

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“Dr. Ditzell is a phenomenal psychiatrist. He is very easy to talk to and incredibly smart, yet he is very clear on treatment and explains the process/medication thoroughly. I can't speak highly enough of him on how excellent he is in helping me manage my condition. You simply cannot go wrong with him, he truly provides the best patient care, and is no nonsense.I'd also like to mention Savitri (Patient Care Coordinator) is an absolute pleasure to talk to as well. She is prompt, thorough, and very quick to answer questions you may have.”

“Simple analogy - I thought I wan an old beat-up, out-of-gas Buick sedan ditching out on the side of the road. Turns out the more I session with Doctor Ditzell, I realize I'm not busted-up car at al, but more an electrified self-aware and empowered machine finding myself ready for all-terrain.”

"I have been seeing Dr. Ditzell for 7 years for a clear diagnosed issue. I told him from day one I need a disciplined psychiatrist who was not going to coddle me, provide me with direction, and have a plan. He is a no nonsense therapist who seeks solutions and does not find it to anyone's advantage to continue therapy just for the sake of pacifying a situation and dragging on. He is results oriented guy which is clear from his military training."

"After only a few weeks of working with Dr. Ditzell I have experienced a great reduction in my anxiety levels. I am very happy with the care I have received and cannot recommend him highly enough!"

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Our services are designed to not just put out the fires of today but to build your future of tomorrow.

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