Life Coaching & Why It's Important

What is the purpose of a life coach?


In this weeks episode, we discuss all aspects of Life Coaching

Dr. Jeff Ditzell breaks down all of the questions that we are all thinking when it comes to discussing life coaching:

• What is a life coach?
• What is the difference between a coach and a trainer?
• How can you use coaching to propel you through your daily life
• What is progressive performance methodology

With real-life examples and the difference that a coach can make in your mental health journey.

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Some of the highlights from this week's episode:

What is a life coach

A life coach is a wellness or mental health professional who helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment. Esentially a life coach is someone who is professionally trained to help you maximize your potential to achieve the desired results. They are someone who can push you a little harder to go the extra mile, provide encouragement, and also be your accountability partner all wrapped into one. 

What is the difference between a coach and a trainer

Well, coaching, it’s a lot like training. Having a coach versus a trainer, trainers can show you the mechanics of things but don’t really inspire performance. A coach inspires you to perform at a level that you really can’t unless you’re being coached. I didn’t understand, honestly, the difference until I started training with Francis Benfatto.

I’ve been training since I was 13 with these little sand weights that were my mom’s. Then as a doctor, I always thought, well, why would I possibly have a trainer? Not understanding the difference between a trainer and a coach, much like most people don’t understand the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist.

For those of you out there wondering what the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist is, the difference between them is med school, essentially. Psychologists are great, psychiatrists, some are good, some are great, but the difference in the training is med school. You go to med school, you learn medicine and you can understand the organ systems and how various things play out and then prescribe medications as part of your treatment. Hopefully, not all of your treatment is just simply medication, because the medication isn’t going to take care of every issue, it can help. In psychiatry, there are no cures, you can lessen the intensity of symptoms so that you can learn how to manage your mind more efficiently.

So, in that vein, a coach can inspire you to perform at a higher level of efficiency as it comes to performance-based methodologies, and then can do a lot of things that you might see in Simone Biles, the famous gymnast.

to have somebody bear witness to you, pushing through your own resistance and pushing towards your best performance in a day, or to go beyond your limits every time that you get together, and have someone create the condition that allows you to Excel, whether it’s through cheering you on or giving you a technique when you’re ready for it, teaching you the process of validating techniques for yourself so they actually become operational for you so you can trust them. You know that this way of training or approaching things works without fail, it always works, it’s always the same thing, it creates such a strong bond that it’s really unlike anything I’ve experienced.

How can you use coaching to propel you throughout your daily life?

As luck would have it, training with Francis and performance-based stuff is very similar to performance-based mental processes. So, you can use the same techniques, essentially, to inspire performance in how you approach navigating your day and navigating your relationships, your job, your family, giving you an idea how to most efficiently approach things so that you’re not distracted or off the mark, as far as what you’re trying to achieve, so that you’re constantly reminding yourself, propelling yourself forward in your day in an intentional way, while managing your energy in the most efficient way to get to the highest levels of achievement. That’s a pretty fun way to go through your day!

What is Progressive Performance Methodology?

The Progressive Performance Methodology (PPM) is the progressive implementation and synergizing of a set of key training elements via evolving phases while adapting to the stress of exercise and minimizing side effects, thereby maximizing potential to achieve the best possible result— which is to stimulate muscle growth.

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