Living Life For Your Future Self

Living life for the future version of you - New York City Motivation


In this weeks episode, it's the motivational boost you never knew you needed!

Dr. Ditzell is dropping some knowledge about living each day for the future version of you.

• Ways to conquer those automatic negative thoughts that are limiting you.
• How to not rely on motivation to get the job done and go throughout the day with small achievable goals to help you win and make progress for the bigger picture.
• Motivation + self-discipline will help you persevere when conditions aren’t perfect.

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Some of the highlights from this week's episode:

Why should you focus on the future version of you?

Imagine how far we’ve all been able to progress and achieve things. All of us, without really giving ourselves anything to do it. Probably like most goodly souls, we produce for other people, but we’re not really as generous with ourselves, like with sleep or rest or just giving ourselves the supports to perform.

If you think about it, if you’re able to perform at the level that you’ve been able to and achieve all the things you’ve been able to achieve and you haven’t given yourself anything to do it, imagine what happens when you put some forethought into it and you give your future version of you the tools, right? The future version of you depends on what you’re putting into the time capsule that you’re sending to your future version. Right? You get the benefit of it gets done over and over and over. You compound the interest.

If you put in “ins,” and take out “outs,” that give a very nice package of gifts to your future self, and you’ve got the time in between, let’s say, it’s the “prime” version of you a year from now. That’s going to cook a pretty good Prime version.

I think it’s useful to think of it this way like you’re giving gifts to yourself and then you just concentrate on the day-to-day. Okay, what am I giving myself today?

Just Start.

If you want to win,  you need to get up. Just get up. Get up and you get the win. No matter how you feel about things, whether you’re motivated or not, your brain’s going to like, boom, that’s great. It’s going to get that dopamine surge and off you go.

It turns out that once you get that first win, even though the odds were against you that any of this was going to happen, motivation lines up. Motivation will kind of come bouncing in as motivation does. 

And then you’ve got motivation and self-discipline, and then as you engage what you’re trying to do, even though the conditions aren’t perfect, you actually embrace that. You’re like, “Cool. It doesn’t matter if conditions aren’t perfect. I’m going to persevere.” It doesn’t dissuade you from getting the win and pushing your capacity. Matter of fact, you look at poor conditions like, Excellent. I get to push even harder. I get to build my capacity.  These obstacles just build mental resiliency.

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