Five Journal Prompts for Self-Exploration

Five Journal Prompts for Self-Exploration

Journaling is an amazing tool for exploring your identity and taking control of your mental health. It can lead you down hidden avenues in your subconscious that you never knew existed. Writing connects to a deeper place in the brain above the muddiness of daily living. In this place awaits your true self, waiting for you to emblazon it in ink across the page. Listed below are five journal prompts for encouraging your self-discovery.


Journal Prompt #1 “What makes me so happy I could burst?”


For fifteen minutes, write on this prompt in your journal: “What makes me so happy I could burst?” Unlocking what makes you happy is the key to a life of gratitude and contentment. When you understand what makes you happy, you will be more open to noticing these things. Knowing what makes you happy can also help you be a better mentor, sibling, friend, or coach to your loved ones. You can share your joy with them.


Journal Prompt #2 “What do I believe in?”


For fifteen minutes, write on this prompt in your journal: “What do I believe in?” Almost everybody has at least one thing they believe in, whether it be the power of peace, a certain deity, flowers, or the value of friendship. Firm belief is one of the strongest forces on this planet. Analyzing your beliefs will help you to realize where you place your hopes and dreams. While writing, you may find that you need to shed old beliefs and embrace new ones. This transformation is natural.


Journal Prompt #3 “What are my principles and boundaries?”


For fifteen minutes, write on this prompt in your journal: “What are my principles and boundaries?” By recognizing your principles, you can see if you have been living up to them. Have you been as good a person as you can be? Knowing your boundaries will help you assess relationships in your life. You can take note of which friends nourish your soul and which ones drain you. Is there anyone you need to let go of? It’s okay if there is. Awareness of principles and boundaries leads to a healthier life.


Journal Prompt #4 “Who are my favorite artists?”


For fifteen minutes, write on this prompt in your journal: “Who are my favorite artists?” Engaging in art–whether it be through music, painting, or writing–can be a wonderful way to express and explore yourself. Identifying favorite artists give you creative role models to look up to, and it may inspire you to start listing creative goals. In tough times, you can look up to these artists and see how they dealt with difficulty. You can picture them silently spurring you on, urging you to not lose hope.


Journal Prompt #5 “What are my dreams?”


For fifteen minutes, write on this prompt in your journal: “What are my dreams?” Dive deep with this one. What do you want? This may take some deeper writing than the other prompts. Let loose. Write down the crazy dreams you hold close to your chest like cards, the dreams others would scoff at, the dreams that feel unbelievable, the dreams that would nourish you like nothing else on this planet. Your dreams are the deepest reflection of your inner self. What you yearn for shows your spirit.


Writing is a versatile tool for unlocking your true self. By writing guided responses to these prompts in your journal, you can learn more about yourself in a safe and open environment. Knowing yourself is key to living your own personal truth and a life of wellness. Keep writing and keep exploring!

If you can’t think of anything to write about on a daily basis, another option that can lead to you going down the path of greater exploration would be to just start out with a gratitude journal. Make it a goal each day to write one page in your journal of things that you are grateful for and that bring you joy. You will find that this allows you to focus on the positive, improve your self-esteem, and can reduce stress.

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