Coping, CBD, & Ketamine


In this weeks episode, we talk all things Coping Mechanisms, CBD, & Ketamine Infusions

In this week's episode, Dr. Jeff Ditzell talks with Taylor James about coping mechanisms!

From LEGO, Chiropractors, and facing the issues head-on, they discuss the best ways to find out what works best for you. Beyonce recently spoke out about how CBD Oil has helped her mental and physical health after years of heavy touring, so a hot topic for discussion: Is there starting to be a shift towards alternative medicine? Let’s find out!

Dr. Jeff Ditzell breaks down the stigma around these types of medicine and explains the benefits of Ketamine Infusion Therapy and how his practice separates itself from other "Ketamine Clinics" in New York City! If you would like to know more be sure to check out our website or drop us a message on our socials!

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Some of the highlights from this week's episode:

What are some of your coping Mechanisms?

My philosophy on things is, whatever comes, comes, and I’m going to do my best to handle it. Being upset or being surprised or doing anything other than taking care of the task at hand, isn’t my inclination. I want to use whatever resource that I’ve got and manage that energy to overcome an obstacle if it’s presented, or get an achievement, make an achievement, or make progress towards the achievement, or to essentially take whatever happens to happen and use it as a leverage point. So I personally tend to look at things differently in that sense than most people I run across because I’m sort of neutral in what is going on and what’s happening.

I still react like everybody else, but I’m quick to rein that in, and try to find the opportunity in the obstacle. How can I engage this in a manner that either makes the situation better or allows me to improve? And it’s a fairly useful way of looking at things because you’re not taken out of your mindset that’s best going to allow you to engage the world. You’re constantly looking for the opportunity to skillfully navigate whatever life throws at you. And you’re also remaining in sort of a supple mindset where you’re not too one thing or another, you’re just kind of aware of the opportunities that are coming at you, and if you tend to look at the difficulties in life as an opportunity to perform, and you’re not surprised or caught on your back foot by the difficulties showing up each day, because they do every single day, then you tend to be in a space where you’re in control of a lot of what goes on. So that’s how I cope with pretty much everything, not just a quirky little… Like I twirl my hair or something.

Beyonce’ has recently come out and talked about her use of CBD, do you think alternative medicine is a way of the future?

It is. I think people are aware that there are alternatives that can be used as tools to help them in their lives, and we have cannabinoid receptors in our central nervous system for a reason, as well as opioid receptors. It’s not just like over the course of the last decade, thousands of years. So it’s evolution.

The CBD oils are basically hemp-based and they’re, I wouldn’t say equivalent to a homeopathic remedy compared to medical marijuana, and then compared to recreational use of loose-leaf marijuana or the whole entourage of the plant. So within the totality of cannabinoids, you can parse out what’s medicinally helpful. So you would expect that anxiety would be lessened, you would expect that hunger might be enhanced, you’d expect that sleep might be enhanced with use of that supplement is what it would be in this case. 

How does Ketamine Infusion Therapy fit into the grand scheme of alternative medicine?

Ketamine infusion is similar in that respect. People are becoming, much more interested and aware that it’s a useful modality out there. It’s extremely beneficial to many of my clients. And it’s exciting to see as people are embracing it as a alternative to, or an add-on to current medication regimens and seeing the, the incredible benefits and effects. It’s a very exciting time to be able to offer that to patients, and very satisfying to see someone undergo a ketamine infusion who up till now, had maybe gone through several rounds of medications and is losing hope, wondering if they’re going to have to undergo, at that point in the algorithm of treatment, ECT or some horribly invasive procedure, to be able to go to a comfortable setting, at least within this practice, a comfortable setting and be around people who want you to get better and create an experience using ketamine infusion where you feel comfortable and safe and able, and then having done the ketamine infusion, actually have your symptoms alleviated and not suffer I think is an amazing thing. So it really gives people hope. It’s a very non-invasive, well-tolerated modality that oftentimes has immediate effect. And the immediate effect is profound, at least in the case of depression or anxiety

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