Episode 03

Comparison Is The Thief of Joy


In this weeks episode, we talk all things Comparison and Mindset!

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Please be aware that some of the topics discussed incorporate personal opinion. Mental Health is not a one size fits all fix.

Take your time and find what works for you and more importantly speak to someone. We're here when you need us.

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Some of the highlights from this week's episode:

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy!


On this week episode myself and Dr Jeff talk about something that I think every single person on this planet has done and that’s comparing ourselves to others!

This is a very normal thing to do however when we do this we run the risk of it having a negative impact on our Mental and Physical Health!

I think i’d be lying if I hadn’t scrolled through Instagram and thought ‘I wish I had that body’ or ‘I wish my house looked like that’ then afterwards felt bad for thinking that i’m not good enough or I need to work harder!

This can become incredibly toxic and throughout this episode Dr. Jeff offers some incredible advice on how to manage these thoughts and what we can do when that internal negative voice starts to shout!




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Thanks for listening. Dr. Jeff Ditzell & Taylor James

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