7 Reasons to Work with a Life Coach

7 Reasons to Work with a Life Coach

Think of your favorite athlete. How many years have they been playing the sport that made them famous? Chances are, they’ve got a long career behind them. They’re experts at the top of their game, otherwise, you probably wouldn’t know them. How do they stay at their peak, even though they’re already at the top of their game? Top athletes always, always, always have a coach. 

Life coaching is to your career and personal life as a sports coach is to an athlete. When you bring in an expert to help you maximize your personal and professional potential, you invest in reaching and staying at peak performance. Life is not something to DIY. It’s just too precious and too important to try to figure out alone. 

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to start working with a life coach, you may be wondering “What’s really in it for me?” Here are seven ways a life coach can maximize your potential in ways you just couldn’t do on your own.

  1. Life coaches have an extensive toolbox 


The right tools for the job are critical, whether you’re working on your car, making a birthday cake, or building your life. Life coaches are experts at knowing what tools you need to move your dreams forward and then providing you access to those tools. 


A high-quality life coach will always have a wide network of other professionals from which you can draw knowledge, expertise, opportunities, etc. From helping you make critical business connections, to recommending additional coaches to work with for certain areas of your life, to books to read, classes to take, and retreats to attend, life coaches are the experts at being the “world’s greatest library” of tools and resources to put you on the fastback to optimizing your potential. 


  1. They help you build the right habits 


It’s hard to stay on top of your game when you have to think about every single decision throughout the day. A life coach can help you build habits that help you get things done automatically, without the mental load of having to think “should I do this, or this?” at every turn. 


A trained life coach is educated and experienced in helping clients building positive habits, with methods that actually work. In addition, a life coach can shine a light on the negative habits that are producing poor results in your life, and then stand by you day-to-day as a trainer and accountability partner to make sure you change those habits into good ones and reap the benefits. 


  1. Your life coach will help you manage stress 


Busy people don’t have to be stressed people. Yes, it is possible to have a career, a family, hobbies, friends, and social responsibilities without being completely stressed out. As many life coaches work with type-A high achievers, they intimately understand the root causes of stress that go far beyond a packed schedule. Your life coach will be able to work with you on the deeper issues keeping you stressed, and help you develop strategies for managing your stressors while still achieving your true potential. 


  1. Life coaches give you an honest mirror 


Find yourself struggling against the same issues again and again, and you can’t seem to break through to a solution? Your life coach acts as a trusted source to hold up a mirror that shows you the truth of your best qualities (and the ones that are holding you back). 


One of the most frustrating speed bumps on the road to an incredible life is self-doubt. Unlike your friends and your loved ones, a life coach is not there to make you feel good. Your life coach’s job, what you are paying them to do, is to help you progress in your life. Sometimes, that means pointing out what you’re doing right. Sometimes, that means pointing out what you’re doing wrong. With a life coach’s honest, unemotional feedback, you can discover your true self and make progress. 


  1. A life coach helps you find your hidden talents 


Isn’t it nice to know – we all have hidden talents that we’ve never discovered. Your life coach knows how to ask the right questions to find out what you’re truly passionate about, what you’re naturally good at, and what career types would fit you like a favorite pair of jeans. 


If you’re in the middle of a career change, this can be phenomenally helpful in choosing which direction you want to go next. But even if you’re currently satisfied in your career, discovering your hidden talents can help open new doors to opportunities in your industry, not to mention, boost your self-esteem. 


  1. They support you (even if your inner circle doesn’t) 


Your family and friends love you, and they want you to be safe and happy. As such, family and friends are not always supportive when we want to go after a big, audacious goal. Your life coach, however, is always going to be in your corner, supporting you as you take on a new challenge. A life coach with lots of experience has worked with dozens and even hundreds of people who are in the midst of a major transition, so they understand that change isn’t scary, and know when you take the right steps, results are generally positive. With a life coach, change isn’t so scary anymore. 


  1. A life coach helps you find and achieve your purpose 


Too often, we let life just happen to us. But each of us has a special purpose, something that lights us up and makes us feel like we were put on this Earth to do it. Your life coach will help you work through your past experiences, your special talents, the things that drive you crazy, and your passions to help you find what it is you were truly meant to accomplish in this life. Then, they help you take each of the steps to accomplish it. 


Ready to get started with a life coach? 


Our team of New York City Life Optimization Coaches are here to help you truly tap into your highest potential. Schedule your consult today to see if life coaching can help you achieve your goals. 

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